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Pei Wei Blog Asia with Alice Shin

Pei Wei with Alice Shin

Discovered a great new blog called Pei Wei this morning about Asian food in China, Japan, Korea, Thailand and Vietnam. Here’s a description from the site and a some sample videos featuring the host Alice Shin.

“After hosting a two month national search for the Pei Wei blogger, we selected Alice Shin to accompany our chefs on an 18-day trip throughout the five Asian cultures (China, Japan, Korea, Thailand & Vietnam) that make up our menu. Our chefs will be searching for culinary inspiration for new dishes at Pei Wei as well as looking to re-visit some of the classic traditional flavors from each country. Alice will be tagging along to share all the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of the trip with you.”

Alice Shin Explores Ho Chi Minh City

Chef Eric & Alice Shin Explore Shanghai – Try Dumplings, Bao & Small Plates