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Playboy Model Lee Pani Turns Singer

Lee Pani

So what’s life been like for South Korean model Lee Pani who won Spice TV’s Playboy 2006 Korea Model Contest? Apparently a little too much posing and not enough singing. The 22-year-old model has decided to release a solo album on November 25th with tracks entitled “Playboy” and “Fantastic Girl.”

I doubt she’ll have much of a voice but I bet the music videos will be sweet!

  • jules

    After modeling for Playboy, you can probably do just about anything you want to. Look at the Girls Next Door… the three of them left Hef and they’re doing just damn fine.

  • Clarisse

    I only knew moments ago that she was the one who sang Bride in Dream of O2Jam! That was a wonderful song, and I doubt that they did anything to adjust her voice or anything. It was just great! In fairness for a Playboy model…