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Porsche Design Edition Cayman S

Porsche Design Edition Cayman S

Stuttgart. Dr. Ing. h. c. F. Porsche AG of Stuttgart, Germany, is to expand its mid-engine coupé model range with the launch, in November 2007, of the Cayman S “Porsche Design Edition 1”, a limited-edition special series. Porsche has incorporated various design disciplines into this very special mid-engine coupé: the black exterior emphasizes the purist nature of the 295-bhp sports car and, at the same time, is a nod to Porsche Design and the famous Chronograph 1s designed by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche precisely 35 years previously.

Porsche Design Edition Cayman S

This look, cultivated by Porsche Design, imparts additional luxury and class on the Cayman S: the black leather and Alcantara upholstery harmonizes with refined details such as the instrument dials, the layout of which reflects that of all Porsche Design chronographs. Even the center console, dashboard, and door trims glisten in black, while the three-spoke sports steering wheel, the gear lever, the handbrake grip, and the roof lining are clothed in non-slip black Alcantara. The Porsche logo (crest) is embossed on the headrests.

Porsche Design Edition Cayman S

The vehicle’s technical features are equally sophisticated: beneath the ten-millimeter-lower body, standard Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) actively controls the hardness of the shock absorbers and it features a special Sport mode that can be activated at the touch of a button for a really dynamic driving feel. Five-millimeter spacers together with 19-inch turbo wheels give the Cayman S “Porsche Design Edition 1” a presence that is reinforced yet further by the 235/35 ZR 19 tires at the front axle and the 265/35 ZR 19 tires at the rear.

Porsche Design Edition Cayman S

The market launch of this black Cayman will begin in Germany in November 2007 and in the United States in January 2008.

  • David

    The overall design looks really sleek, not a fan of the stripes on the front hood. Porsche is pointing the cayman in the right direction, this design is much more modern than the previous ones. I wanna see a duke off between this model and the 911 GT2. :)

  • mattsfolio

    That’s hot!

  • Terry Ng

    I love the Cayman S, even thinking about picking one up, but there’s no question that the new 997 GT2 would spank the ass out of the Cayman. :p

  • Dexter Kanuto

    This should have been the 007 Bond car.

  • Lenka

    Oh man, i fall in love. woooohoooo

  • AllaN

    Really liking the look. The second picture is so beautiful. It’s front view with the stripes look pretty good.

  • Cmejia

    Wow! Your website redesign looks great Terry and Tami! Oh yeah… the Cayman, it’s alright. Just Kidding that thing is beyond dopeness!!!

  • heartofjosh

    I’d love to have a Cayman S. Sleek looking car.

  • glimmerish

    Lovely car. I’ll one in bright red please. :)

  • interpol

    Wow, amazing. Cayman S or the new Audi R8, hmmm..

  • razi

    For the price of this limited edition 70k+ from what I’ve read I rather get a 997 or 996 Turbo.

  • willMD

    The limited edition Cayman S is a really good looking car, not to mention, its awesome performance, and it will be joined by its cousin, the limited edition Boxster S, but the car that i think most porsche enthusiast are excited about is the release of the 911 GT2

  • djmikey

    Ya, I can’t wait for the Gt2 either. That’s going to be one killer car on the road.

  • David

    If you do buy the new Cayman S Terry, does that mean selling your Mercedes? :P

  • AllaN

    Terry, if your going to sell your Mercedes, let me and David chip in to buy it, well i mean if he wants :)
    Another car im looking forward to seeing on the streets is the Audi R8

  • Terry Ng

    I sold my Widebody Mercedes CL203 about half a year ago, right after the photoshoot with European Car magazine. Tami’s rockin a M3, so I need to keep up! :)

  • CsQuared2

    The striping makes it look cheap, its a nice car but for me there is only one real porsche: 911 turbo.

  • lilkitty

    I don’t know too much about Porsches, but the one up above I wouldn’t mind owning. :D

  • b0unce

    that is gorgeous!

  • chicdesigner

    Love it. Improvement on perfection.

  • Poulain

    Is it just me or have Porsche lost popularity? Still, it looks gorgeous