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Redesign Number 18

Design 18

18 different Kineda designs in a little less than 10 years. That averages out to almost two designs a year. I’ve abandoned the lovely Shoryuken black design that many have grown to love, and went with a what I call the clean-airy look. There are still tweaks to be made here and there to the code and design, but I figured I’d let everyone enjoy redesign, codenamed Chun Li, over the weekend.

The homepage has revamped to give you just want you’re looking for without all the fluff. There’s a snazzy new logo and a new rankings feature to help you score some goodies for your excelling commenting. If you aren’t registered already, you should do that now to enjoy the full features.

Hope you boys and girls like it!

  • yume

    I loved the old blog design, but I love this one even more! It’s actually much easier to read the stories on a white background. Good job Terry! :D

  • beni

    Its been awhile since I’ve been here and i was surprised, in a good way. but i do have to say I was more fond of the black layout.

  • heartofjosh

    I thought I came to the wrong site until I looked at the address bar to double check. I really liked your last design so it’s going to take some time to get used to.

  • glimmerish

    OMG I love it! It’s so bright and bubbly!!! :p You always come up with best looking designs. Btw… I want that iPod nano. heehehe :)

  • Inigo Montoya

    I hate to tell you Terry, this new design sucks totally compared to the last one. Bring back the light letters on black background. I would think by now you would know that reading on a computer screen is the opposite of reading in print. White letters on a black background with sans-serif font reading on a screen… and black letters on a white background with serif fonts for reading in print.

  • interpol

    I definitely do like the new layout. Very clean and simple. Can’t say I don’t miss the old one but I can get use to this.

  • JwKuo87

    Truthfully, I’d have to agree with the criticism. The previous one was indeed somewhat better, but that may be due to my liking towards the color black. But hey, don’t let it get to ya, compared to the vast majority, your design is still slick as ever.

  • razi

    I liked the old design but I like this design even more. You really come up with some great stuff.

    Reading text against black is never as easy as dark text on white. The contrast of white on black is too high for computer screens and causes eye strain with longer articles.

  • Floorgasm

    I preferred the old one. I don’t like sites that are mostly white because it’s blinding.

  • mattsfolio

    It’s madness, gone all web 2.0 on us! :D the white can be sore when reading at night, but that’s what contrast is for ;) nice job Terry. :)

  • jules

    Like a few here, I absolutely loved the black design, but this one is really nice too! It’s amazing how different the two styles are yet you designed them both. In fact, all your designs have been really great. I don’t think I have a particular favorite.

    What I’m truly in awe of is that not only do you blog, but you design and code the entire thing as well. Mad props T!

  • stargin

    Terry… I absolutely love it!!! :D

    I’m designing a blog for my company’s website, and I’ve been using Kineda as one of the examples to persuade the higher-ups that a blog doesn’t have to look boring. They’re going to really like this new design. I think it’ll help me show them that you can display alot of posts without looking overly cluttered. I hope you don’t mind if I even borrow your general layout of things. :p

  • kevinwu

    I love it,let me exciting!

  • Lenka

    Oh my Lord God!

    This is big change. But variety is a spice of life.
    But the facts:
    1) Black background save 154,262.994 Watt hours/ year.
    2) Looking an it from different angle, doctors say that bright background is much more healthy than dark bg. I mean for eyes. Docs say that the most healthful is green background and yellow letters. So this is a tip from me for Redesign n. 19.

    I rise to the challenge with glimmerish, cause I want iPod too.

  • madray

    Big thumbs up to the redesign! It’s very web 2.0ish but not at the same time. I think that’s hard to pull off but u did it. ;) And I love how u break away from the boring linear blog formats.

  • vm3z9

    I was a bigger fan of the previous black color scheme, but I like this layout much more. You should do a post where you put up all the past Kineda designs, so we can see the transformation it’s gone through. Great work!

  • haz

    i really liked this new design is simple and clean and very bright which helps brighten my mood. but adding a outline to the comment box is a must.

  • David

    Congratulations on the new design Terry.

    This design is fresh and inviting, the old one was more of a focus on it’s design, geared towards designers, this has more of a general appeal to the public. Trying to attract more of the public? :) I’d probably scene about..4-5 designs in the past and they’re all perfect. A showcase of them would be great.

  • hamatoyoshi86

    I was on the site the other day and refreshed the page and it turned white…..i was like what the hell? So I retyped the URL and made sure it was Kineda. At first I didn’t really like the new design but it’s starting to grow on me. The black one will be dearly missed though!

  • Dexter Kanuto

    I most definitely adored by the new ‘skin’. It’s time to escape the darkness and go into the light. Refreshing, may not be new, but still lightens the environment – make the blogging easy.

  • .Core

    This design is a much better choice in my opinion, its much easier to read although the old one wasn’t bad. But change is a good thing from time to time! Congrats again Terry!

  • paddyspoint

    too bright and less demure/ snazzy.

    clean and clinical.

    will have to get used to it.

    but change is good.

  • djmikey

    I loved the color scheme of the last design, but this design seems much less chaotic. I really like the attention to detail even when using such subtle and light colors.

    Good job Terry!

  • ice_blade

    i quite like the new look, but probably give the beige a bit more saturation to make it a bit easier on the eyes with all the white. Pastel colours always works and I love the simple lines you have.

    Great job!!

  • AllaN

    I would like to see the entire Kineda design history. I’ve only seen the previous and this design. This clean airy look gives a relaxing feel. The only thing is, at 2 in the morning this site can be blinding.

  • CsQuared2

    Looks nice, but i prefer the black design. It’s more Kineda.

  • toph

    looks great… i’m a big fan of the white.

  • Kwan

    liked your last design but this one is more functional and minimalistic… nice work!

  • lilkitty

    The white is so pure and clean. I absolutely love it. My coworkers looking over my shoulder right now say they love it too!! hehe :D


    I really like Lenka’s comment about how black backgrounds rather than white save much more energy consumption. I had never thought of it that way so I looked into it and found info that really blew me away.
    There is now a black version of Google called Blackle that I’ve never heard of and it’s been running since January of this year which aims towards saving energy:
    And here are a couple of other interesting facts about certain types of colours on screen display:
    I’ll be using Blackle from now on and changing my wallpaper to black lol.

    By the way, the new layout is fantastic regardless of whatever energy consumption. It’s more organized in neat boxes, clean and soft without any sharp corners. The font colours on this site have always been such a funky attraction and I’m glad you brought it from the previous layout to this one.

  • AndySays

    Hey Terry, nice new layout. I can’t help but ask if you designed this with the iPhone in mind because it looks so organized and easy to see, even on the small iPhone screen.

  • Cygnatt

    I prefer the old design!! ( black)
    the new version is kind of deja-vu !!
    BtW it s the same team so it will be nice as well ( the containing) haha

  • tummie

    I was like am I in the right web site and then Im like sh*t it is the right !!! Man oh man I like it but some what I do miss the black but this is still nice… ;P

  • chicdesigner

    Clean is better. stick with it.

  • b0unce

    love this design almost as much as the old one :D

  • David

    Just to inform you, only Blackle works on CRT on monitors. For those using LCDs, the electrical bill is still up there. :)

    “LCDs make pixels black by applying an electrical current to them, which makes them block the light that’s coming from the backlight.”

  • AllaN

    Okay, its been half a month since the new design, and I just really have to say…
    I LOVE IT!
    The simple beauty is just impressive.

  • stephen

     A strong man
    will struggle with the storms of fate.

  • tulang