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Reon Kadena

Reon Kadena

Reon Kadena was born on Feb. 19, 1986 in Osaka, Japan. She’s one of Japan’s top magazine models and has been making a strong move towards the big screen. She’s appeared on numerous late night comedy skits and TV commercials. Her self-promotional DVD and gravure idol book sales have been phenomenal.

Naturally petite, Reon Kadena weighs a mere 95 lbs and is 5’5" tall, but still remains extremely voluptuous with her 35C-23-34 measurements. Her bubbly personality and cuteness paired with her sexy body has made her one of the most searched for models on the Internet. I’m sure you’ll quickly see why.

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  • Exame


  • JP

    Nice ^^

  • RedKoa

    your a hottie!!!

  • KYO

    I’m fall in love.

  • naraclan

    a dream come true. :)

  • sky

    great body shaped…what a sexy babe is this

  • teamrice


  • diazzZ

    i love reon….

  • Dexter Kanuto

    what a tiger…

  • beni

    she has such an origianl look, i love it

  • Popoy

    Perfect face with a perfect body. Some girls are truly blessed.

  • djss

    nice she is a pisces and is a one week older than me. i wonder do i have a chance.

  • haz

    she is very cute

  • vm3z9

    dont know what to say but, thank you Terry!

  • David

    Been a while since you had an article like this :P If each feature of a girl had this much pictures, you’ll be trafficking the world. Great Job.

  • AllaN

    I find that she has a nice body, but her face isnt as great

  • paddyspoint

    she’s okay except her teeth. i think she needs braces.

    this girl used to go nude, if i’m not mistaken.

    yukie kawamura still looks more respectable.

  • Inigo Montoya

    Now we talking… AWESOME!

  • Lenka

    too big for me

  • paddyspoint

    hey isn’t the 3rd video exactly the same as the first one??

  • Dexter Kanuto

    yukie kawamura is better than reon… but I still love reon’s lips.

  • JwKuo87

    Sweet.. as long as she keeps her mouth shut..

  • Kase

    She’s very cute. I likey.

  • Moejoe

    good ol final fantasy music (for the 1st vid)

  • nightlifeman68

    I wish I had the luck to see you

  • takeo

    you can watch a lot of HQ videos of Reon on this site :

  • alex15pham

    She’s the cutest woman in the world

  • gojohnjohn219

    i love reon. me and her have the same birthday.

  • simiodeplateia

    is she real ? what a woman …

  • simiodeplateia

    reon is one of the greatest women here..what a body !!!WOW !!

  • laffnyet

    Hello Reon Kadena …

    My ” A Number 1 Fantasy Super Duper Bikini Model” ,

    Thank You for being yourself with me … not only are you by far the most beautiful and sensual woman on the Planet but you also are genuine and basically are one of us … You definately make me a better person for knowing you and having spent time getting to know each other , and the world as a whole is a better place since you arrived .I love you girl … And Thank Youi for your kindness and your wonderful sexy body ….

    All of My Love … Scotty

  • DAGO81

    Beautiful girl. Would love to see her in person. So sexy A natural beauty.

  • verdict

    reon’s beauty and appeal makes the sun shines more than ever.
    Her everlasting glow of smile makes everyone see how life is beautiful.
    And with her simple personality, the peole now could define themselves in the midst of happiness.

  • alex16pham

    What a hottie!

  • Sakera

    wow . . . she is so beautiful

  • Anonymous

    The Reon ipod vid is an all time classic! She is so hot but not really done much in the last few years. I think Sayaka Ando is actually prettier

  • Rhudogg

    Nozomi Sasaki is prettier than both of them!!!

  • Rhudogg

    Nozomi Sasaki is prettier than both of them!!!

  • thagaz


  • Sebastien Rieu

    For the fans, here are paintings of Reon Kadena: