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Rosie Jones

Rosie Jones

Rosie Jones is well on her way to becoming Britain’s next star. She’s already posed for Stuff, Nuts, Sun, and Front magazine. Creating a name for herself as the next Keeley Hazell, Rhian Sugden and Lucy Pinder at the young age of just 19.

Don’t believe me? Check out the images for yourself.

Rosie Jones Pics and Photo Gallery

  • edison

    she got the body alrite but i prefer Keeley or Lucy Pinder face more, i.e. in a whole package i still perfer Keeley or Lucy.

  • D3nee

    I prefer Rosie, more than Lucy :) Lucy is not that prettyface and she’s too bigbreasted, this make her look fat a bit. xD imho))
    keeley, yeah…sweet girl, but…there is something that atracts me in Rosie, she’s a cutie!

  • kenYa

    Rosie > Lucy

    Keeley > Rosie

  • jules

    I dun care whatcha all. She’s effin hot!

  • heartofjosh

    19? damn. I wish I knew some 19 year olds that looked like that! :D

  • chiptowers

    well proportioned to model gear and she is camera friendly but the tattoo on her lower
    back has put me right off.

  • Openzedoor

    She looks great. Even better is she didn’t have the trampstamp. Bit late to do anything about it now though.

  • Nindia

    ^^ Agree that the tramp stamp is lame.

    Everything else is WOWZA!

  • moe93

    i think the tramp stamp sexy its like an arrow leading the way to good times

    wink wink

  • chiptowers

    Tramp stamps 4 women & smudge marks 4 men r not cool. As a mangy flee bitten dog urinates to mark their pole, so does the tattooist and the tagger. Who wants the reminder of a third party around for life. The natural body is already perfect.

  • Casperitus


  • Saysitso123

    pure perfection,would love her to do playboy.

  • Payton_vege

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