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Sena Ayanami

Sena Ayanami

One of the newest Graphis models to hit the scene is Sena Ayanami (born December 13, 1984). I can’t tell you much about Sena except that she’s an up-and-coming JAV idol who loves walking her dog and making new friends. Hopefully, we’ll learn more about this sweet girl soon. For now, enjoy the pics!

Height: 155 cm (5 ft 1 in)
Measurements: 85-55-82 cm (33-22-32 in)
Cup size: Japanese F

Sena Ayanami Pics and Photo Gallery

  • Zy

    What a beauty we have here? Excellent photos!

  • hydragyrum

    nice! main photo has a bit of nipple slip i think.

  • Al

    Hey…. when did Rikku (FInal Fantasy X & X2) stop being a weapons mechanic and start modeling? Lol.

    Sena is very cute though.

  • hamatoyoshi86

    I always thought Rikku was cute in X2

  • FLXPr0ductions

    Oh Terry…Laughs out loud. ;-)

    綾波セナ(Sena Ayanami), she’s really cute. But that’s about it. When it comes to JAV idols, she’s still a “little fish” in the crowd of many fishes. (JAV idol – Yeah, I know…Bad analogy when comparing fishes to JAV idols.)

    *Giggles* Can’t spell analogy without spelling “anal”. (Bad pun)

  • Terry Ng

    LOL! You never know… little fish do become big fishes one day! :D

  • ztnepres

    she reminds me of ….. american model doing jap tv talk shows and stuff. forgot her name. but same pale skin and face shape

  • AllaN

    She has a bit of Leah Dizon in her.
    Maybe thats who you meant ztnepres.

  • Al

    Thats exactly what I was thinking. Leah Dizon.

    Only this girl could pass as Leah’s younger sister.

  • smallduck

    wow how much must i pay to fuck her?

  • H²O

    Well, currently she is a hot stuff in the JAV industry. So, considering being a hot stuff and all…do prepare around 100k USD for that.

  • moearkartun

    I just wanna fuck her.