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Sony Playstation Portable Go Pictures Leaked

Sony PSP Go

A member on the forums sneaked backstage at the E3 press conference and scored a few photos of the new Sony PSP Go. It will ship this Fall. No price info yet, but here are some leaked specs:

– 3.8-inch display
– 43 percent lighter than the PSP-3000
– 16GB of Flash storage
– Bluetooth built-in
– No UMD drive (download from PlayStation Network(games movie and TV) )
– Memory Stick Micro slot
– Integration with PlayStation 3 (works the same as the PSP-3000 does)

  • djmikey

    Wonder how much this is all going to cost?

  • AllaN

    I liked the original PSP design better.
    The good thing is, there’s 16gb built-in and bluetooth.
    Without UMD, you have to download games, which means, you dont need to keep switching UMDs to play other games, but it also means you have to download games, which can take awhile.
    Im curious about the safetly of downloading the games, if the downloaded game could be extracted onto the pc, it could with shared almost effortlessly.

  • Fokai

    Is it going to be touch screen? I heard it was going to battle the Itouch. Anyone?

  • interpol
  • b0unce

    man this is the ugliest thing ever…

  • WesTnine9

    Still no 2nd analog stick…
    When will SONY learn…

  • ivan

    the old PSP design was better, less moving parts means less worrying on reliability issues.