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Sora Aoi

Sora Aoi

Kineda’s Idol of the Day is Sora Aoi. Sora Aoi was born on Novermber 11, 1983 in Japan. Sora Aoi was born in Japan with a small stature at 5’1″ but was an instant success in the photobook market due to her lusty curves and innocent face. Sora Aoi’s busty F-Cup(japanese) chest and 34-23-32 measurements have furthered her career even more in the JAV idol industry. Sora Aoi’s hobbies include watching movies and playing billiards.

Sora Aoi Photo Gallery

  • zizazoziz

    i like she is porn movie..i want her..

  • beni


  • Popoy

    I have seen better pictures of her. I’m not satisfied with this photo shoot.

  • djss

    this girl kills me on the inside.

  • Popoy

    Will there be any new pics coming anytime soon?

  • alex16pham

    She’s ugly

  • simiodeplateia

    Sora Aoi is wonderful: pretty and sexy …

  • simiodeplateia

    p.s. and sensual ..too !!!

  • simiodeplateia

    p.p.s. unforgettable..too !!!

  • aznvidz

    the last picture is very nice … i’d like to have something like that in my garden :p

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  • blackid

    better if she isn’t a porn star.

  • The Envoy

    She looks just like a girl next door.

  • The Envoy

    Her F-Cup looks out of place with her body size though.

  • gelo

    can you be my number two…

  • Jack

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