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Street Fighter IV Trailer

We’re only a couple weeks away getting our hands on the sequel to the best fighting game ever created — Street Fighter IV. Console versions release dates for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are currently scheduled for February 12, 2009 in Japan, February 17 in North America, and February 20 in Europe.

For now, you’ll have to live with this awesome trailer from Capcom, demonstrating the new focus attacks and ultra combos.

  • jlubbz

    video already got pulled? dang.

  • David

    Looking forward for the tier list, if it was like SF2, I’d say, the tier list is going to be fairly similar. This and the new King of Fighters are going to be highly anticipated this year.

  • Terry Ng

    Try it now. This version should be working. Damn YouTube.

  • GameDudeX

    OMG, that was AWESOME!!!!!!! I definitely gotta get it!!!

  • ztnepres

    sfiv is the sh!T

  • daniel

    I never used to be such a fan of SF, but this video was Awesome!!! I am thinking about buying this game now, but I don’t any console.
    Chun-Li is gorgeous!

  • Arthur

    iv been meaning to buy a PS3 for a while now, and i think i may have just made my decision… and it just so happens pay day is today!! :)

  • hamatoyoshi86

    I’ve been ready for this game since last summer and now only 20 days! A five day head start for Japan!?

  • fakeshakes

    lol terry, i think i just saw you play my friend on sf4 just a minute ago~ you were playing ryu right? his xbl handle was sumbawdey, playing balrog with the green gloves

  • Terry Ng

    Ah, I remember that gamertag! lol. Ya, that was prolly me.

  • Anonymous