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Technorati $100 Challenge Winner

The Technorati $100 Challenge was a fun experiment. Kineda didn’t make it into the Technorati’s Top 100 Favorites list, but we did get close. With 46 members favoriting the blog, we only needed about 20 more votes to break into the list. Thanks to all the folks who participated and added Kineda as a favorite. Maybe we’ll run another challenge soon! View the video above to see the winner of our first challenge.

  • phanguy

    nice use of a spindle top. =P

  • glimmerish

    BOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I didn’t win!! :(

  • heartofjosh

    congratz cheezycool! That $100 would’ve been nice in my pocket tho. :)

  • Inigo Montoya

    And yet another video NOT showing Tami. :(

  • Lenka

    Omg i didnt win….. what i will do ?!?!

  • GameDudeX

    Dammit! I wanted to win. =(

  • cheezycool

    This came as a shock to me… but it was a VERY welcome shock! Thanks Terry!

  • David

    Only if I was there to put my piece of paper in…=P

    Congrats to the winner =)

  • vm3z9

    cheezycool what you going to do with the money?

  • djmikey

    I would’ve bought some new kicks with it if I won. ARGH!

  • cheezycool

    I guess I’ll just invest it in my internet marketing efforts! :)

  • paddyspoint

    is that tami’s hand?

  • Terry Ng

    No, that’s my hand. Unless Tami has manly hands that I don’t know about! :p

  • vm3z9