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  • 347yedo743

    do they come with other colors?
    lol, next we’re gonna have teddy bear steering wheel covers, and teddy bear rims.

  • Terry Ng

    Teddy bear rims have been around since the 80’s. Ronal makes them. :p

  • David

    That is one lucky bear ;) They need one for the neck too, the seat belt bothers my neck when I’m sleeping. And I want a panda version too if I were to buy one.

  • heijin

    HAHAHA, this can’t be real!!! lol, tiddy, sounds like titty. makes sense why they would name it that. This is probably just to rip off ppl. They’ve had those cushioned straps that u can buy at fob stores around for a while.

  • phanguy

    the title of this confused me so much at first!

  • jules

    Is this a joke?

  • JwKuo87

    Hahaha hilarious. Every time I hear them mention the product’s name, it makes me laugh.

  • AllaN

    This cant be real… lets all buy a TITTY BEAR!!! wow, tiddy and titty, they sound very much alike, and the positions that they used for the bear, made this ad seem like a joke to me.

  • Dexter Kanuto

    SNL should cre8 an SNL style version for this ad. I’m now imagining how’s gonna turn out. HAHAHA. Good one.

  • Lenka

    i wish to be tiddy bear of a beauty like Sunisa Kim :D

  • Kase

    That Tiddy Bear in the picture reminds me of Kon from Bleach. nee-sannn!!! XD

  • vgachi57

    “My shoulder strap used to pull so hard, I could hardly breathe…”

    No amount of tiddy goodness or cushioning would help with that.

  • samurai#swiss

    Haha that must be a joke XD… Will there be also a “pussy bear”?? ^^
    Ey dude I got the new “Tiddy Bear” in my Porsche Carrera GT XD….

  • tummie

    i think i will just stick to my racing seat beats then a tiddy bear and hot pinks just not me LOL.

  • David

    As far as I know, the seat belts don’t go down that far Samurai. ;)