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Tokidoki Replicas and LeSportSac Fakes

Tokidoki Replica and Fake

It seems that Louis Vuitton and Rolex have really cracked down hard on replicas and fakes sold in Hong Kong and Kowloon street markets. When I visited three years ago in 2005, you could purchase A+ grade replicas of either of these brands but now they’re no where to be found.

The new replica brand of choice is Tokidoki. The Japanese-inspired characters created by Simone Legno have been duplicated on everything imaginable — purses, wallets, umbrellas, shoes, and even kitchen aprons.

Tokidoki Replicas and Fakes

Replica makers try to avoid fines and being sued by using fake names like “ProSports” and “LeSports” instead of the true LeSportSac licensee. Although, if you look hard enough or are willing to ask, they’ll go to the back and show you “LeSportSac” A+ grade copies for a tad more.

The replicas found here in Hong Kong run about $10 for a purse, and $5 for a wallet but it’s hard to imagine why anyone would even care to buy a Tokidoki replica or fake. The real deal is quite obtainable at an average price of $150.

  • edopeno

    BOO! To all the copycats, fakes, and imitators out there. They should sell their (*bleh) goods elsewhere! Honestly though there aren’t too many people that can spot fakes, let alone call someone out on the street about it. But still, NO fakes!

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  • kidplastik

    I live part time in Shanghai, these fake TokiDoki bags are everywhere. You see fakes in the most respected and corporate malls, it’s crazy.

  • djmikey

    If everyone didn’t buy these fakes they’d stop making them. Too bad some people fall into the trap of getting them just cuz they’re cheap. :(