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Tokyo Curry Lab

Tokyo Curry Lab

Conceptionalized by Kundo Koyama, the creator of the “Iron Chef” TV show, Tokyo Curry Lab restaurant is based on a concept of creating an innovative lab for experimenting and inventing unique curry recipes.

Tokyo Curry Lab

Located in Tokyo’s monumental Tokyo Tower, a “lab” area with colorful spice tubes on display is accompanied by a contemporary dining counter behind it. The serious yet humorous interior is intended for curry lovers serious at play.

  • AllaN

    Wow, I’d love to work there. The tubes give such a serious feel, but it also helps decorated the room, its a 2 for 1 deal. The tables, are quite nice, but i just dont understand why they included a raised section in the middle, its harder to communicate, it’d be better if it were flat, but i guess everyone in the lab is done for design. The lab looks really professional, the cooking area looks as if it can be used for forensics due to how clean it looks, and the dinner area looks like its a snapshot of some chique cafe.

    I want to try Curry Seafood, Chicken, Beef, Pork, Lamb, RICE? Curry is wonderful and has such a nice colour to it.


    Well, I can understand the raised center of the bar is for privacy. You wouldn’t want to be eating staring at a stranger. And what’s cool about it is that there are actually mini personal TV screens embedded in it. It’s an area where you want to sit alone. This place makes me want to come here on my own just so I can enjoy the itty bitty TV screen inside the restaurant lol but I can’t handle curry :S.

  • Lenka

    it looks very clean. But why people go to the restaurant if they dont want to be eating staring at a stranger?

  • kristurr

    haha that looks so great! the tubes are definitely awesome

  • lilkitty

    That’s a slick looking restaurant! And I love curry too. :)