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Top 10 Ugliest Sneakers of 2006

Michael Lau and Nike

Every year Nike and the rest of the streetwear fashion industry tries to release limited edition shoes that people will swoon for. Once in a while, they’ll be able to make a hit, like when Nike paired up with toy culture artist Michael Lau and created the Michael Lau Nike Dunk Low Pro SB (photo above). More often than not though, the crazy sneaker designs are just nasty and ugly.

A reminder to everyone in the streetwear fashion industry – No more polka dots, fur or leopard prints please!

Here are the Top 10 Ugliest Sneakers of 2006 in no particular order.

BAPESTA Polka Dots Multi Color Bathing Ape
Crazy Air Max 95
Nike Air Max 95

Nike Air FootScape Woven Polka Dot
Nike FootScape

Nike X-Girl
Nike X-Girl

Nike SB Dunks Three Bears Pack
Nike Three Bears

Lacoste Colette Sneakers
Lacoste Colette

Nike and Cole Hann Crocodile Skin ‘Icy’ Jordan’s
Nike Icy

Microsoft Xbox Sneakers
Xbox Sneakers

Nike Frankenstein Pack
Nike Frankenstein

Nike Air Max 95 Burberry Edition
Nike Burberry

  • djmikey

    oh man. hideous!

  • rbx6jm7man

    notice how a lot of them are nike brand?

  • jules

    The pink and leopard crazy air max 95’s have to be the ugliest of the bunch!

  • heijin

    Nike must either be really stupid, or they have too much time and money on their hands

  • beni

    what were they thinking?? but the lacostes dont look that bad from that angle

  • GameDudeX


    They weren’t thinking, plain and simple.

  • glimmerish

    The three bears pack is kinda cute. :p

  • haz

    the burberry one could be the worst air max ever

  • waffles

    The X-Box ones aren’t all that bad. As long as you don’t see the bottom.

  • David

    Out of those shoes, I would probably choose the Lacoste, shoes are shiny.

  • Travis

    I’m dying to pet the Nike SB Dunks. Purrrrrrrrrr.

  • beni

    you know, the more i look at the 3 bears and the frankinstein and the BAPE, even the crocs the more i start to like it, i guess these shoes are something that grows on you. Maybe thats what the companies were trying to play on, the odity, kind of clever actually

  • Dexter Kanuto

    Oh man, Nike needs some refurbishment or upgrades! Instead of Victory for the check sign, place it upside down for Stupidity. Though, I think that Michael Lau Nike Dunk Low Pro SB (photo above) will be interesting to see if it hits the markets.

  • JwKuo87

    Yeah, the crocs and the xbox ones aren’t that bad looking. Definitely not something I’d buy, but I wouldn’t consider them to be the ugliest sneakers of 2006.

  • paddyspoint



  • Lenka

    i chose Crazy Air Max 95

  • pinky

    ewwww i hate them all even thou im a ig fan of converse which is sneakers
    i never liked nike because they always have the same designs

  • truthmhz

    I think the Medicom Three Bears Pack is pretty sick, obviously it’s for those crazy shoe collector sneaker freakers. The XBox shoe looks like some $19.99 on sale at Payless sneaks.

  • rodaniel

    You forgot about the Vibram FiveFingers ( They’re certainly funky, if not downright ugly, but I still want a pair!!

  • Standup_sitdown

    There’s a pair of the Xbox shoes on eBay right now:

  • Milo4891

    wow those thing are f*#!^@g ugly!

  • djss

    lol intresting designs i would give points just for unique style.


    i got 4 bathing apes thank god these polka ones aint one of them!!,
    one thing tho,,the lacoste ones arent that bad looking from that angle like the other dude said,,and il have to say FUCKIN AWESOME about the Frankenstein Pack!

  • Doman

    dont know about the sneakers but those dietas saudáveis are the best