• http://webjay.org/by/bgizzie/djmikeyfresh djmikey

    Niiiiiice list! Normally I wouldn’t carry a purse… whoops I mean manbag, but these are slick!

  • jan

    My boyfriend needs one of these. Maybe it’ll keep him more organized.

  • razi

    guys don’t need purses! what has the world come to!?

  • jan

    There’s nothing wrong with a guy carrying a bag to keep organized! :)

  • glimmerish

    I think the bags shown here are nice enough for any occasion without looking girly, but at the same time they’re nice enough for me to carry too!

  • yume

    I never knew chewy had a bag! LOL

  • zeoth

    Holy crap. That’s not metrosexual, it’s homosexual. No guy should EVER carry so much crap they need a purse. Laptop bag I can see but a man purse? What are you putting in there… male tampons, bald scalp toner, and a year’s supply of ky jelly?

  • http://www.kineda.com Terry Ng

    Someone sure has a fear of being labeled. ;)

    If I’m on the go and need to carry my treo, wallet, nintendo ds lite, and mini camcorder(for vodcasts of course)… I doubt all of that is going to fit in my pocket.

    These bags are sweet, and serve a good purpose. If you’re not man enough to carry one, then by all means.. stuff your pockets and look like a dork.


    Wow Never thought for one second that men everywhere either than myself would sink to this levels as to even think about buying a MURSE !, for all you out there i give you the sarcastic clap ( clap………..clap………..clap……. )

  • jan

    You guys are so sensitive! hehehe

  • rbx6jm7man

    i wouldn’t mind carrying a bag around. but it depends on why i’m carrying a bag. if i don’t need to carry it, why lug it around? but if i need something to carry stuff, i might as well do it in style!

  • RyanA

    they are of fine fabrication, indeed. i just prefer using a messenger bag, or something more sporty.
    i do agree that stuffed pockets is not cool. and quite uncomfortable.

  • Goodsire McCricket

    Guys, I have to say that you are missing out on wonderful attention from the ladies by insisting on uber-macho personas. (not to even mention the great fashion ;)
    I have several Kenneth Cole bags and not only are they simply practical but always an unexpected compliment grabber.

    b.t.w. The KC bag here has been one of my favs…great purchase for anyone shopping around.

  • heartofjosh

    There’s no shame in carrying a bag. I have one with me all the time to carry stuff.

  • rdigp

    I think carrying a bag is a must because if you have a PSP, digital camera,video camera and sometime your gf stuff. Where do you carry those things if you don’t have a bag

  • rereynoso

    So carrying a satchel, man-bag as you all are calling it, makes one less of a man? I’ve got a few of these “murses” which I use to carry whatever I need that day. I don’t carry one everyday, but the days I need one I have no problwm hanging one off my shoulders. Yeah, my leather one is my art bag, holding sketch book, pens, pencils, markers..etc..etc.. But the I have a field bag, which carries knife, leatherman, tools, cord…etc…etc, along with my iPod and Moleskine. I’d rather carry that then a backpack. Zeoth and DJ-Hades, what do you carry al your stuff in, a backpack?

  • http://www.wolf359design.com Wolf 359 Design

    Jack Bauer of 24 wears a man bag. And he can kill you in 3 seconds. I do not think he is gay.

  • http://www.toptentoptenlists.com Top Ten Lists

    [...]Top 10 Ultimate Metrosexual Man Bags[...]

  • djss

    nice collection of bags. but thats jokes about chewy carrying a bag hahaha.

  • Dexter Kanuto

    I chose Victorinox because the rest looks the same. Ditto everyone???

  • mylittletoby

    I bought my husband a man bag from leather tree and although he was reluctant, he now says he doesnt know how he managed without it. They have a great variety, you can see them here http://www.leathertree.com

  • stickman

    Gimme a break.
    Insecure little men feel threatened if someone steps out of the “norm”.
    I’m diabetic. I carry my insulin, glucose meter and other medical supplies with me.
    I also like to have my camera handy. Add my cell phone, emergency candy, keys, pen and wallet to the mix and you’ll understand why I need a bag.
    Oh, I suppose I could buy some oversized, baggy trousers with rediculous pockets and walk around with my pants around my knees, clanging and jingling with every step like some big, Oompah-Loompah, or I could tuck my shirt inside my pants and have twenty little belt holsters and a pocket protector (what’s gayer than that?), or I could put all my stuff in a bag. I choose the bag.
    I’m secure enough in my sexuality to wear a shoulder bag – despite the comments from those who feel threatened.
    Besides, my wife likes it.
    Grow up, get over it.

  • ocando

    nice bag

  • slimjim1814

    Hello people it’s 2009 the last time I checked. Men have just as much stuff to carry around as women do. I have the wallet (for which I will never put in my back pocket…can you say chiropracter), mp3 player & ear phones, camera, cell phone, keys, a pen, chap stick, gum, mints. Where do u expect me to carry all this. Now you could say, just don’t but I need my stuff with me. Americans need to get over the “norm”, what is the norm now-a-days…I’ll tell ya…it’s what YOU make it.
    I’m so delighted that more designers are making bags for men…the selection 5 years ago was just awful.
    #6 and #10 look very nice. Kenneth Cole makes some very nice man bags, also Timberland (was at an outlet store a few weeks ago and saw a couple of bags that were very nice.

  • http://www.urbantool.com/us urbantool

    slimjim1814 –
    I totally agree with you – that’s how I discovered Urban Tool. My chapstick, wallet, phones, keys, pen were all over the sushi table when someone told me that I needed an Urban Tool holster. Long story short – check out our site – if you mention kineda in your order I will toss in a free lanyard.

  • http://www.briggs-riley.com/ roderick pike

    I am a big fan of Briggs & Riley luggage. I have their Glide Backpack ( http://www.briggs-riley.com/category/productDetail.aspx?id=Glide-Backpack_VB414 )which looks really great and can carry a whole lot of stuff. It’s got a padded section to store my 15”laptop. The tech section has multiple pockets to hold all my tech gadgets. The U-shaped organizer with multiple mesh, zippered and slip pockets carries all my pens, cards and more. The front organizer holds my mp3 player, PDA, etc. It’s even got a port hole for my mp3 headphone cord! A padded vertical pocket on the outside conveniently holds my cell phone for easy access. Really thoughtfully designed and I would recommend it for anyone who’s interested in style plus functionality with durability. All that Briggs & Riley makes comes with a lifetime warranty too!

  • mouzer

    say bro my name is mouse ( for real) im 55years old im an old hippy from the
    of the 60s and im not ashamed to carry a stylish bag around with me,
    wear ever i go. weather its for work , play or that night out with my special lady
    i always need something that looks good and is rugged .( pants pockets
    arent big enough to hold every thing i need or carry ) women talk about looking
    good with there hand bags so what about us guys ( i love looking good
    with my girl while she telling other women to keep there eyes off of me
    is that cooool or what ) mouse

  • Scarlett

    Check out the bags on this site for another choice in metrosexual bags. My boyfriend loves the dragonfly.

  • http://www.maxpedition.com maxpedition

    Metrosexual + Tactical = Maxpedition


  • realtaticalmanbag

    Ok I’m gona let U in on a secret that most Service men (lawenforcement/military)know about: REAL mens “GEAR BAGS”. And U’d better Believe its not a man-purse! Go visit http://www.511tactical.com/ and look for the Push Pack!
    Now for your netbook & accessories for day long jaunts with stops at coffee shops or wifi’d restaurants etc this is the thing U want. And it ain’t no purse son *grin*
    on the other hand Ogio makes nice Metro backpacks for your larger Laptops & assorted gear.

  • realtaticalmanbag

    You can even see the packs in action on Youtube search Push pack

  • chitown

    I’ll rock one of these bags anyday of the week. These are slick and manly for those of us who are practical. Besides for those of us who are looking for a casual conversation starter here goes. It takes a bad man to carry a man purse.

  • Kcmoman54

    HI Stickman. I am 57 and I need to start carrying one to take my supplies along with me also. Can you suggest a good reasonably priced one ? Thanks

  • Jay

    try bluewaffle

  • http://www.manpurse.co.uk Man Purse

    You gotta embrace the future. Man bags will be worn by all men one day.

  • Anonymous

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  • ethanhunt

    Well, that’s what I’s looking for messenger bag with different style icon and you know these bags attract female attention too . When I carry my bag then girls checked out me and my bag and that brings a smile on my face . Try it on . for more information you can see here!!!!


  • ethanhunt

    Well, that’s what I’s looking for messenger bag with different style icon and you know these bags attract female attention too . When I carry my bag then girls checked out me and my bag and that brings a smile on my face . Try it on . for more information you can see here!!!!


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_R4PU2B6LZIPJGR25KN7HAP3GII Cigdem

    Whilst we are somewhat biased here at rawdice, given we have an overwhelming use of man bag’s here in the UK and if my partner is anything to go by, we are now talking bags for different purposes… business (laptop and papers), casual (iPad, wallet, magazine, and worryingly icrease in miscellaeous stuff I daren’t investigate), gym bag (although that still seems to be immovable!). Have to say bags suggest confidence and thats always good with the ladies.

    Check out Jack at http://www.rawdice.co.uk/index.php?rewrite=category&catid=8


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  • Anna Alla
  • James Royce.

    Beruccio bags are finally available online. They are the Rolls-Royce or man bags. Always been impossible to get hold of. I’m very excited they have a collection online now. Now just need to save up $10,000 or so : (

  • Michael Valentino

    Cannot believe don’t have Beruccio bags on here. They are head and shoulders in their own league. I have heard a new collection is out soon.