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Tumi Sando Gadget Bag Review

Tumi Sando Gadget Bag

A couple of weeks ago we featured our Top 10 Ultimate Metrosexual Man Bags list. It wasn’t easy to pick a designer to go with from this awesome list, but we did. The man bag that seemed to fit our purpose of being able to carry a cell phone, mini dv camcorder (for the Kineda vlog and vodcast), extra tapes, batteries, wallet, pens, a notepad and nintendo ds lite is none other than the Tumi Sando Gadget Bag.

Tumi touts the bag as “A stylish way to organize all the little things. Features include two interior compartments with multiple accessories pocket and flap closure with pocket.” We just call it sick!

The gadget bag comes in three colors – Cinder (orange), Black or Khaki. We chose khaki because it’s a durable color, subtle enough to match everything and isn’t boring like black.

The bag is small and light enough to carry around daily. Exact dimensions are 10.5″ x8″ x 4.5″.
Tumi Sando Gadget Bag

As usual, Tumi puts great finishing touches on their bags. I love their use of brushed aluminum on the front buckle lock as well as the zipper pulls.
Tumi Sando Gadget Bag

With the flap open, they put a passport holder on the front facia for quick access during travel.
Tumi Sando Gadget Bag

Unzip the front flap and you’ll find a hidden storage compartment for all sorts of goodies including credit card pockets, a place for your ID, a button-locked screen pouch and a zippered slot to keep things secure.
Tumi Sando Gadget Bag

The main compartment is about three inches wide so it’s spacious enough to fit a slim camera or cellphone into.
Tumi Sando Gadget Bag

Crazy the amount of thought they put into putting this gadget bag together!
Tumi Sando Gadget Bag

On the back side of the Tumi Sando Gadget Bag is a nice slot for papers or a notepad.
Tumi Sando Gadget Bag

You also don’t want your keys flopping around or just thrown into the main compartment which could scratch expensive electronics. Tumi has included a nice drawstring keychain to keep your keys together and easy to access.
Tumi Sando Gadget Bag

Can’t wait to use this man bag! :)
Tumi Sando Gadget Bag

  • djmikey


  • rbx6jm7man

    i could actually see myself using this while i’m a tourist. it can fit my mini camcorder and extra film. and it doesn’t look half bad

  • glimmerish

    That’s a nice bag Terry! I really like it. :)

  • Terry Ng

    Thanks! I’m going to try it out this weekend with actual gear. Maybe I’ll post a report of it afterwards. :)

  • jan

    A man that’s not afraid to where a bag! ROCK ON!

  • vm3z9

    I would definitely consider purchasing this bag. Please update and let us know how it goes after the weekend!

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  • madray

    Great review! Wouldn’t mind seeing more articles like this.

  • djss

    this bad is just too expensive but looks like a nice travel bag to carry around with you.

  • Dexter Kanuto

    SWEET! Even though it looks more like a Harvard Law School bagster.

  • kerry
  • Wayshay

    Am I missing something or is there a price listed somewhere that I am not looking?