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Ultimate Asian Hotties List

We all know Asian girls are the hottest, sexiest, and most beautiful women on this little planet of ours and it’s about time you could find them all in one nice place. As the authority of Asian hotties, we’ve created the Ultimate Asian Hotties List! Here you’ll find your favorite Asian idols, actresses, singers and models.

This Ultimate Asian Hotties List
If you know of an Asian hottie that’s not on this alluring list, make enough fuss about it in the comments area, and we’ll see if we can get her added.

  • djmikey

    holyschmoly!!!! NOW THAT’S A LIST!!! :D

  • razi

    mighty nice list but Natashi Yi should be on that list of Koreans!

    Check her out!!!

  • glimmerish

    Boys will be boys. :p The girls are very pretty I must admit! :D

  • lawrencel715

    i don’t dig tila nguyen. i think i’ve seen her in a club once, and i don’t particularly dig the whole blond hair on asian girls. isn’t she called tila tequila now or something? i wonder how that came to be.

    kaila yu on the other hand. wooooo, she was at my prom and is she FINE =).

  • madray

    tila’s only hot after she’s been all madeup and airbrushed. She has a pretty big mouth and doesn’t look good talking. See her in the spade interview

  • jules

    I dunno about adding kaila. she’s looks kinda crossed-eyed in some pics. :x

  • Tami Ng

    Kayla Yu!? EWWWWW! No she should NOT be added to that list! But then again, Im just hating cause I didn’t make it on th list ;)

  • rbx6jm7man

    BoA is pretty hot too. Look up her My Name music video on

    Aki Hoshino is freakin hot also. Wonder why she isn’t on there…

    For China, I think Zhang Ziyi should be added. Same with Christy Cheung.

  • 411

    WHAT?! No mention of Yoko Matsugane?!

    Official Site:

    And many, MANY more goodies to be had at other sites – just Google for her. Unless you’re into the unhealthy anorexics, the busty and curvy Yoko Matsugane is quite a treat. ;)

  • MindGame
  • Terry Ng

    She’ll probably have to go into a mixed section since she’s not full filipino.

  • la_mangolio

    Whoa … waitaminute. Jeri Lee representing for Filipinos? She’s cute, but her “modifications” are outta control.

    I think Cindy Kurleto (!), Francine Prieto, Angel Locsin, Karel Marquez, or Aubrey Miles make for much better representatives for the Philippines.

  • madray

    What about Alley Baggette? I remember she did Playboy awhile back.

  • Gambit

    Reon Kadena is hot, but her tiger teeth is kind of a turn off. I would replace her with Aki Kawamura, my favourite Japanese gravure model of all time, despite the fact that she has somewhat disappeared from the scene.

    The chinese section looks pretty good, might want to add Vivian Chow in there…Yes she has retired from the entertainment business for a long time now and she is againg, but…she has taken very good care of herself and still looks elegant and beautiful.

  • rbx6jm7man

    i believe Leah Dizon is Filipina/French

  • Mark Adams

    Oh My GOD o_O

    I can’t wait to finish my communication studies, become a film director, and hire all these girls!!! :p

  • djmikey

    Mark – don’t forget to bring me along scouting! :D

    Throw up a mixed section Kineda! You can add all sorts of hot beauties!

  • asiansweetheart

    Fun list.

    You have Ase Want listed as Thai. She’s not Thai. She’s from Singapore. She was in FHM Thai edition but they often feature ladies from other countries, including non-Asian ladies.

    Keep up the good work!

  • asiansweetheart

    Oops, typo. I meant Ase Wang.

  • get_1

    Um…interesting list. Personally I would have done two things:

    1) Replace Miwa Oshiro with Sayuri Anzu. They’re both great Japanese swimsuit models and while Miwa’s “upper measurements” are larger, Sayuri is much more beautiful.

    2) While there’s still space for the Japanese section, please add Chisato Morishita. Reon Kadena and Jun Natsukawa both deserve to be on there, but Chisato edges them both out for top honors :)

  • Tien-Avenger

    In my opinion…

    Tila Nguyen is NOT the hottest Vietnamese. Being a Viet Kieu myself i can proudly say that i’ve seen much much more attractive.

    Personally i think she’s the most sold out.

  • madray

    I’d be curious to know who the hot vietnamese stars are? Can you name a few Tien?

  • shinobi12

    Any one hear of Amanda Bach? I’d also add Kaila Yu to any list.

  • iwantimports

    The korean girls are super hot!! but what !!no Angela Sora or Sung Hi lee?? id add them to any list!

  • LadyInJune

    To add to you Hotties List.. Here\’s a Vietnamese Singer ..

    Her name is Shayla Dinh… She can Dance, Sing, and is hot hot hot. There are many hot vietnamese singers out there that many of you don\’t know… I guess I\’ll have to update your vietnamese list :-) I met her in person and she is one of the most beautiful vietnamese woman!

  • rylie

    Ewww–not to sound like a bitch, but why is Jeri Lee on this list? She looks really fake like she got surgery from head to toe. She doesn’t look very natural. Most of her photoshoots are tacky. All the other girls are pretty though.

  • GaLaZ

    Damn Europe I hate Polish girls :D PLEASE COME TO POLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D MARRY MEEEE :P PLEEEEEEEEASEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ninjatunes

    whooooooooooooooooooooooohaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…….unlose my buttons….

  • shinobi12

    god point about Kaila. But you have to check out Amanda Bach. Gorgeous…

  • GameDudeX

    I love these lists. There should be more. =P

  • cupcake bento

    CAROLYN SAVAGE needs to be on this list she’s gorgeous !!!

  • simply_honey

    aren’t some of these ladies mix anyway?? Leah Dizon should be up there under Philippine heading hehehehe and Angelica Panganiban:D

  • kuma87

    Ase Wang isn’t even Thai! But of course she’s hot. Why isn’t Aump Patcharapa listed for Thailand? She’s won FHM sexiest woman of the year three years straight! She’s amazing.

    For Chinese Vicki Zhao Wei should make the list too!

  • djdaddylanz

    I vote for CoCo Lee…she can sing…

  • vuquang

    i love reon kadena

  • monsterrr

    Ase Wang is Singaporean not Thai. please go check out the details. she got famous in singapore but more famous amongst Thais. she looked “less fake” when she was modelling in singapore though.

  • MzTrippie

    you guys should def add dannie riel to the chinese cat. here’s her profile:

  • beni

    you should add Cindy Curleto to philippines

  • beni

    oh ya, and allysa Allano, djss would love that

  • djss

    YESSSSSSSSSSS BENI alyssa alano she is my heart.

  • Popoy

    Nice link Mindgame

  • Monday49

    I think we should add Tami Ng! yes? no?

  • sexymonica

    great clip

  • jemz

    i like them all.. i want to fuck them all..hahahaha..

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  • Sora9

    HAHA Tami ng,
    I wonder why ya didnt make it on that list, you are at least as beautifull as them woman

  • Sora9

    I just like asian woman cuz, they look cute haah
    deep dark eyes, and better to trust then dutch woman pff

  • Sora9

    come on man talk with a bit more respect bout lovely woman. ya could just say…. touch them all omg haha

  • Sora9

    Danie riel pfffff indeed omg.. pretty
    GOD and those eyes…. no serieus im talkin bout her real eyes :P

  • Chino Chollo

    Man those are some bomb-shells :o

  • simiodeplateia

    beauty as we do not see…every day !!!

  • verdict

    very nice girls…hope that they would also be inside ^-^

  • moeimoei

    This link for picture’s Panward Hemmane.
    She so very pretty and funny girl.

  • tangyapple

    how about HONEY LEE? (miss korea universe 2007)
    and JANICE MAN

  • ztnepres

    this list needs to be updated

  • AnggaRifandi

    I hope I can found Indonesian girl like Tiara Lestari, Sophia Latjuba, Tamara, Julia Perez or Sarah Azhari here… lol

  • dai

    wheres Lena Fujii??!! O.O she gonna be on the list >O<

  • alex16pham

    All of the girls love me

  • Chino Chollo

    Check it check it out:
    Kaori Morishima, Kaori Manabe

  • Chino Chollo

    Kaori Ishii is something 2 b googled 2

  • dannpham711

    Very nice list :)
    BUT i believe that Leah Dizon should be on it as well…

  • myumikoda

    AiChérie she needs to be on this list

  • pearlstory

    They are awesome.

  • az060693

    Nonami Takizawa needs to be on this list, she’s hot as hell.

  • kevin

    waow…great…but it doesnt enough!!!!!! heheheehe……..

  • mivta

    Wow,,,, sexy……

  • The Envoy

    It’s very hard to choose.

  • ultimatenerd22


  • 1iz zafir

    where’s hitomi tanaka??come on..

  • joeffrey311

    nani to all maniacs akuma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • shiryu22

    Terry, you forgot Grace Park :D

  • GameFox

    I deserve to be on this list. In my mind.

  • gincarzo

    awesome list!

  • palksueto

    Thnxs! for the banquet!