• heartofjosh

    The ugly version of Vanessa isn’t really ugly, she’s just fat. I guess fat people on the norm are considered ugly.

    Props to Vanessa for doing this.

  • rbx6jm7man

    but i seriously do wonder if this will make any lasting difference on her and other’s perspective of the overweight. in other words, will this experience be a mere afterthought or an event that genuinely changes the actions of people for the better?

  • jan

    It’s easy for her since she gets to take off the ugly suit at the end of the day.

  • heartofjosh

    Check out the videos at ETonline. It looks like she got pretty emotional when putting on the fat suit. I guess she didn’t always feel she was pretty growing up.

  • http://webjay.org/by/bgizzie/djmikeyfresh djmikey

    Does anyone else think normal Vanessa looks better than blonde Vanessa? They could’ve just left her alone for the pretty part. I guess they had to make her blonde so people wouldn’t recognize her???

  • rbx6jm7man

    i second djmikey. some people just don’t look as good with the blonde hair.

  • http://www.gamedudex.com GameDudeX

    It’s all true. If you’re good looking, your life is pretty easy. If you’re not, then welcome to hell!

  • David

    People discriminate the physical appearance of any person who is not considered the “norm”, not truly judging for who they really are. Unbelievable.

  • haz

    i agreed with GameDudeX, this is why we see only hot babes pics on this site

  • glimmerish

    They seriously did a job on her with all that special effects makeup! They probably added about 40lbs. I bet she’s scared out of her pants to ever get fat now. :p

  • madray

    Not digging the gold hair either, but can you imagine if you saw ugly Vanessa and passed up the chance to talk to her???? I bet if any guy gave her the time of day they might have melted her heart for not caring about looks!!!

  • glimmerish

    I wonder what would’ve happened if she ran into her boyfriend Nick? Would he brush her off too? Imagine the stir that would cause on TV!

  • http://www.erapo.szm.sk Lenka

    But who is to blame?

  • vm3z9

    “ugly” Vanessa actually doesn’t look that bad compared what people’s norm of ugly should be.

  • Dexter Kanuto

    People are addicted to Vanity. Society thinks being thin is the greatest body form ever.

  • http://www.myspace.com/haranditch Daisho

    people will never change is just the way it is no matter how many programs lik this will be made it will still stay the same and that’s a fact. it’s shame though :-/