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Virtual Graffiti with WiiSpray

Now you can tag up your wall with virtual graffiti using the WiiSpray by University of Weimar’s Martin Lihs. This is an ingenious use of the Wiimote allowing you to be creative while staying out of trouble. Nintendo should license this product for the masses.

Watch the video below to see a demo of the WiiSpray in action.

  • richarard_jones

    Love it! maybe the screens are a little big for everyone though? I saw this, looks like same concept ?

  • kenYa

    And it’s environmentally safe! :D

  • daniel

    IMHO this is really good for artists. maaan, I want cry when I see graffiti on buildings in my home town! (especially in historical part)

  • David

    I still prefer the real thing, commenting on the video, the user interface looks tight, esp how it branches out like a tree. There’s a pretty broad market if Nintendo were to release something like this.

  • AllaN

    Possible Pros/Cons if it were to be released :)
    Doesn’t feel like a spraycan in terms of sounds(and weight), completed pieces will not be displayed in public
    Very GREEN and healthy for buildings, and Im guessing completed pieces can be hosted onto a WiiGallery, and definitely cheaper than buying paint.

    I’d get it just so I can draw/spray whatever, and I def agree the presence of a broad market for this product.

  • robmar19

    posted sumin up on this too…