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Vote for Kineda in the 2008 Glam Network Awards

Vote for Kineda
(Image used with permission from Acme Photography)

The 2008 Glam Network Awards are here and Kineda has been nominated for the Best Lifestyle Publisher award, and the voting ends tomorrow!

Head over to the Glam Network Awards website (no registration required) and show us your love by voting for Kineda in the Lifestyles category. If you’ve voted for Kineda already, vote again please. :)

As always, thanks for your support. Tami and I are crossing our fingers!

  • heartofjosh

    Done. Hope you guys win! :D

  • lina

    Voted! Good luck.

  • yume

    Kineda deserves it. I love this site!

  • red

    Congrats for the nomination. Good luck! :)

  • djmikey

    You’ve got my vote! :D

  • jules

    Voted. Best of luck and keep up the great work.

  • David

    Done. :)

  • hollinaz

    Done. :)

  • madray

    Got your e-mail! Voted at work and school!! ;)

  • glimmerish


  • razi

    Good luck buddy! ;)

  • yoshi

    There’s alot of sites you’re up against, but I voted. Hope you win!

  • lilkitty

    Done! :D

  • Aikyrie

    Hope you win! I voted :D

  • GameDudeX