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What Every Man Ought to Know About Cologne

Choose the Right Cologne

Wearing the right cologne will attract women to you, much the same way small deers attract lions. Here’s a guide to show you everything you ought to know about cologne but were afraid to ask.

Trying Cologne

Upscale fragrance counters like the ones at Neiman Marcus love to hand you samples of their latest cologne on strips of paper. Although this is a great sales technique, keep in mind though that scents smell very different on paper, than they do after they’ve dried on your skin. The best way to test a cologne is to spray a small amount on the inside of your wrist, wait a few minutes, and take a quick whiff. This “dry down” is what the lovely lady you’re trying to attract will actually smell.

Choosing a Cologne

It’s best to choose a cologne that compliments your personality. Pick from the following three types, and you’ll hit your mark.

Fresh colognes have a nice greenery and citrus smell to them and favor guys who are intensely goal-oriented while being quite easy going.
· Lacoste Essential, Calvin Klein Escape, Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Pour Homme

Aromatic colognes contain fruity and spicy scents that help excentuate guys with sophisticated styles and the ability to make everything around them seem cool.
· Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme, Calvin Klein Eternity For Men, Davidoff Cool Water

Woody colognes work great for strong leaders with the tendency to nurture and listen to those around them.
· Cartier Must Pour Homme, John Varvatos Vintage, Valentino Valentino V Pour Homme

Applying Cologne

The best time to apply your cologne is after a shower before you’ve put on your shirt. Spray the cologne into the air and walk into it. If you’re already dressed, the back of your neck and wrist areas are your next best bet since they naturally diffuse more scent then the rest of your body. Never spray cologne on your clothes.

Remember that hotter it gets the more intense the scents from your cologne will be, especially when combined with your sweat. Go lighter in the summer, and heavier in the winter. Oilier skins tend to amplify the scents a bit, so take it easy.

How Much is Enough

One or two spritzes is enough. Don’t douse yourself in the stuff. “If you’re constantly smelling the fragrance, you’ve applied too much.” says Rochelle Bloom, president of the Fragrance Foundation. She should be pretty close to you before she gives you the “ahhh you smell nice” line, and becomes weak in the knees.

Don’t Mix Scents

Unless you want to confuse or repulse her with a potpourri of scents, don’t mix scented lotions or aftershaves with your cologne. If you do, be sure they’re compatible and compliment each other.

  • AllaN

    Dolce & Gabbana: Masculine for me, and yes, in my opinion, i chose correctly since i want to make myself seem more sophisticated and cool

  • djmikey

    I prefer CK One. Axe body sprays aren’t too bad either, and they’re much cheaper than colognes.

  • David

    Family can’t stand my colgones, wonder how they’re gonna deal with these :P, I’ll keep these colognes in mind, maybe it might come in handy. :)

  • yume

    I can’t stand guys who douse themselves in cologne. Sometimes it’s so strong it makes me wanna puke. :(

  • raptrex

    i think you should list stuff most of us can afford :D

  • vm3z9

    I use Giorgio Armani cologne. I think it compliments my personality.

  • b0unce

    issey miyake is what i use most

  • JwKuo87

    I’ve got 16 bottles of cologne, just because everyone keeps giving it to me as presents.

    The ones I use most are Code by Armani, Allure by Chanel, Brit by Burberry and Mania by Armani (in that order)

  • Lenka

    wow… i have 2 but i think sweat is real man scent

  • dfung

    I use the one by YSL the most and lacoste essentials

  • haz

    i like the D&G and DKNY

  • David

    Colognes can be great but you know, girls sometime like natural body scent too. :)

  • Dexter Kanuto

    Fresh colognes are in my personal category. Let’s study each:

    Giorgio Armani: I’m not manly enough to be Italian stylish so this skips my menu. Unless, if any circumstance of a date formalities or necessary-to-attend ceremonious events like weddings, surely it’ll be a champion. But if casual is the word, then it’s a definite no-no.

    Lacoste: Since sweat is what I get in the hardcourts, then after matches it will enhance my sporty edge. If I see a green crocodile, it’ll surely bite me to pieces, so it’s plain OK, and a no-no for casuals.

    Calvin Klein: What can I say, to wear jeans is sexy, to wear the underwear is sexier, and most of all if I wear the scent I’ll be sexiest. SEXY TIME!!! CK got that casual look that can turn you from shy type to hot-dude type. CK loves the ladies and ladies loves CK. No questions ask period.

  • Mr. JiggyFly

    i didn’t know you could spray the back of your neck… it works my girlfriend noticed it… my experience has been the more expensive the cologne, the stronger the scent… cologne should be subtle

  • rbx6jm7man

    i agree. subtle is better than overly pronounced

  • Moejoe

    im a little dear! =D

  • Melbee

    Women are weak in the needs when a man smells good! Mixing the perfume is going to make you unforgettable- just because the smell is so unique.

  • li

    Issey miyake has got to be one of the filthiest scents ive ever smelled. I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE when a guy wears it. smells like sweaty earwax and mucus with sugar and vinegar poured over it.

  • Ashley Taylor

    Exactly. Everyone seems to like it. But all I smell is earwax, frosted glass, and lemon pledge.

  • steven

    Just don’t. Really. It is disgusting. It does not attract women – every woman I know is aware that if a dude is wearing cologne, it means he stinks if you wake up next to him, because he has chosen to try to cover up his foul odor rather than address the cause of it and fix the issue –

    FYI you stink because you are sweating rancid substances out of your toxic body. Quit eating so many fat-filled, low quality hamburgers and slow down on the greasy fries and chips. Try working out and sweating it out all at once and it won’t ooze all day. Drink water – Coca Cola is not proper hydration! Take a shower more than every three days, and exfoliate your dead skin cells that are full of bacon grease. And do some laundry, for pete’s sake.

    Seriously, if you still stink after all of this, just give up red meat and deep-fried snacks for a year and watch, I mean smell what happens. Your farts won’t smell so awful either, because you won’t have rotting cow flesh in your bowels. And you won’t be causing every tenth person you meet to have an asthma attack. Have some consideration for the people you are asphyxiating and quit being a tool who is brainwashed by TV ads into believing you’ll finally get laid if you wear Axe female-repellent spray. You won’t.

    (note the older comments. Only the guys think they smell good. I suppose it aids masturbation…)