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Yukie Nakama – Shinobi

Yukie Nakama

Yukie Nakama will be starring in a ninja adventure flick called “SHINOBI – Heart Under Blade”. SHINOBI is a SEGA produced arcade video game turned film. One of my all time favorite games I might add! Shinobi’s Road Show tour will begin on September 17th in Japan. Yukie Nakama plays the role of ninja Oboro with Joe Odagiri starring in the role of ninja Gennosuke Kouga. Swordplay films rock, and with Yukie Nakama in the Shinobi mix, I’m sure it’ll be a success.

  • QueenOfRice

    was it really based off the game? i thought it was based off the manga, Basilisk? well, wat do i know.. =.=;

  • hollinaz

    I think she would become the best actress in Japan. But I like Kyoko Fukada more. What about her? Who will post it?