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Yuma Asami

Yuma Asami

It didn’t take long for Yuma Asami (born March 24, 1987) to become one of the most popular JAV stars after her debut in 2005. The combination of her innocent looks and H-cup natural breasts helped her sell more videos than any other JAV actress is 2006 and 2007.

And like any popular JAV star, the fame has allowed Yuma’s career to extend into other industries. Early this year, she released her first J-pop CD, “Resolution.” Of course most fans probably aren’t buying it for her voice, but the bonus image and making-of-video that comes with it the album.

Yuma Asami Pics and Photo Gallery

  • madray

    Words fail me…

  • Darius

    Oooh, Im all-in for JAV girl previews, but I thought this was also a highly fashionable site. To have both is very delightful (but feels somewhat odd…)

    *drops two cents*

  • djmikey

    hot fashion + hot girls = hot site! :D

  • heartofjosh

    Have mercy!!

  • GameDudeX

    I’ve always loved Yuma… she’s my favorite JAV model…. i just wish more of her movies were uncensored.


  • redsteel

    The first pic with the Bunny cust. has a glitch. clik it and christina aguilera display!
    but I’m not gonna lie. I love her pics and the kimono looks beautiful, but 192 mi favorita Si !!!!!

  • sheldon75013
  • Yuvycarter

    i want your movies

  • John Asami

    Yuma Asami fan? Check this out:

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