How to Setup an Automated Full Backup of Your Ghost Blog onto an Amazon S3 Bucket

Mar. 20, 2020 · 1 min read

Ghost offers a quick way to backup your settings, users, subscribers, posts, pages and tags using the export settings in your dashboard. Everything will be downloaded into a single JSON file. However, this export won't include your theme files, images or original database.

For a full backup of your complete Ghost blog and setup, that includes your theme files, images, content and database, you'll need to put a backup script together. Here's are the steps to backup everything onto a Amazon S3 bucket in the cloud:

Copy your entire Ghost contents directory

cp -ar /var/www/ghost/content

Optional: remove the log files to save space

rm -r /var/www/ghost/backup/logs

Compress your content using Tar

tar -czf /var/www/ghost/ghost-backup.tar.gz /var/www/ghost/backup

Backup your Ghost database

sqlite3 ".backup '/var/www/ghost/content/data/ghost-local.db /var/www/ghost/backup/ghost-local.db'"

Copy the backup Ghost files to your Amazon S3 Bucket

aws s3 cp --no-progress /var/www/ghost/ghost-backup.tar.gz s3://yourbucketname/ghost-backup.tar.gz

aws s3 cp --no-progress /var/www/ghost/backup/ghost-local.db s3://yourbucketname/ghost-local.db

Save each of these commands to a bash script, and set a cron to run nightly. You've now backed up your entire Ghost blog including all contents and database. You'll have a local copy on your server, and also a second copy on your Amazon S3 bucket. Safe, and secure!

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